Sometimes UI doesn't show the workflow is being executed

Sometimes when I execute the process, it is not shown as being executed. But is in fact executed.
This us a very annoying bug.
Have to reload the page.

Here you can see it is being executed… but in fact IS finished

Hi @artildo - sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this!

Is this the only workflow you’re noticing this behavior with, or are there other workflows that have this happen, too? How often is this happening?

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You could try changing the push backend from ServerSent Events to Websockets. That can be done by setting the environment variable:


That will also be the default with the upcoming version 1.0 of n8n.

Be aware that you may also have to update the configuration of your reverse proxy to support Websockets.


@EmeraldHerald It happens now and then. The pattern is unclear. To the moment I can say that

  1. It never happens after page reload. But it can happen if it is not the first execution and if I switched to some other tabs.
  2. I feel it’s more likely when there’s pinned data in the workflow.

Will keep watching.

@jan Thank you, will check that out

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