Speeding up how fast data is written to baserow

made a similar post like this one for airtable Speeding up how fast data is written to airtable

Baserow is already alot faster since Im hosting it on my own system but there doesnt seem to be any consistency to how fast it writes data, it will create 100 rows in 10 seconds but then stop for a a minute and only start creating 1 row a second.

does this also have to do with how n8n batches requests or is this an issue with baserow.

Hi @Trash, while the Baserow node works similar to the Airtable node (processing only one item at a time), Baserow is based on PostgreSQL.

So I think for the best possible performance you want to connect directly to your PostgreSQL instance powering Baserow and handle the insert operation through the Postgres node in n8n.

Alternatively (if you’ve not yet decided which database to use), you could also consider using Supabase. The native Supabase node will be really fast compared to both Airtable and Baserow. I’ve tested this recently over here:

Hi. Im looking for something a little simpler than supabase and I am indeed self hosting both n8n and nocodb (not baserow, couldnt figure out how to deal with write speed issue) but I think Im done with self hosting. currently looking for alternatives…

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