Split binary file data into individual items - Attachments from mail

I’m trying to save all the attachments from a mail with the write binary file but I can’t manage to write other than the attachment_0 for all the items.
I’ve found this code: Split binary file data into individual items - n8n Documentation but I get this alert: Legacy items is only available in the ‘Run Once for All Items’ mode

what can I do to solve it? The proposed solution from the helper, change items for $input.item aslso gives me an error: ERROR: $input.item is not iterable [line 3, for item 0]

Maybe it’s something quite easy but I can’t see it now

Hey @idar,

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Assuming you are using the new code node and have it set to Run Once for All Items using the below should do the job.

let results = [];

for (const item of $input.all()) {
    for (key of Object.keys(item.binary)) {
            json: {
                fileName: item.binary[key].fileName
            binary: {
                data: item.binary[key],

return results;

Hey @Jon !

This doesn’t work when there are multiple files coming from multiple mails, this code makes attachments seperate array item.

My code looks like this;

It just reveals all the files when there are multiple mails and files;

Merging multiple texts works but splitting the attachments into one name doesnt work for multiple files.

I tried to merge data like this;

Do you have any solution about how to send multiple attachments through this way?

It works!!!

Thanks a lot :smiley:


Hi John,

Thanks for this - how to keep the name of the property as “attachment_x” rather than “data”?


Hey Luke,

I don’t have a quick answer for that, I suspect it would be a case of changing the data option to use the binary item key name.

Thanks john - i carried on experimenting and yep, I can name them all “whateverthehellIlike”, with this:

whateverthehellIlike : item.binary[key],

So replacing that with a string should work, but if I remember rightly you can’t use a variable in the key definition in JS. Someone will correct me if I’m wrong!

For my purposes, just changing them all to be “attachment_0” worked, as I’d written the rest of the routine for single attachment emails using that property name throughout.

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@Jon How does this code need to be updated if I am taking binary not from the CURRENT node but from OTHER node called “GMAIL Trigger”?

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