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Hi there,

I am struggling with a JSON result that I get from an API: it gives me an output with several columns.

Here is a screenshot :

What I am trying to achieve, is to get ratios (42 items) per year.

Here is another screenshot :

Is there any solution ?

Thanks a lot!

Hey @RomainMaltrud,

that json body is kind of strage. Espacially the way the arrays are defined. Thatswhy I think it is the best to use the code node to achieve what you want.

I created some testdata which looks like your provided one.

This code node parses your data to entries like this:

 "year": "2017",
 "ratios": [
    "id": 1
    "id": 2

This is the Code:

const returnList = [];
for (const item of $input.all()) {

  const years = Object.keys(item.json);


  returnList.push(years.map(year => {
   const ratios = item.json[year][0].ratios;
    return {
      'year': year,
      'ratios': ratios

  item.json.test = returnList

return returnList[0];

If I copied your json data correctly, this code should just work plug and play.



Wow @nico-kow, thank you so much ! It worked PERFECTLY !

Note for future research, if it might help, data came from Pappers’ API : https://www.pappers.fr/api/documentation#operation/comptes-annuels

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