Split Each Item to its own Workflow Execution

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Is it possible to split each input item, into its own workflow execution natively?

I have a few workflows where emails are sent to a shared mailbox, with different senders for different clients and logic that needs to be run (this is from a legacy solution running python where it was easier to have one mailbox as the entry point rather than needing to setup oauth for each client)

My idea was to have one workflow be the main entry point into this mailbox, and then with somee switch nodes send the emails off to specific workflows so I can keep all that logic in one place, and not repeat get all emails and filter for each specific workflow, however even if 9/10 of the emails are succesfully run in this workflow, one failing causes the entire workflow run to show as failed

Would I have to split out this with another workflow, where the start gets all emails, split that into a batch of 1, and then call another workflow which then does the switching and potential error logic?

I am trying to make debugging a bit easier for myself where failed executions become a bit more isolated from others that are fine

Hi dakota,
you can split out your emails and execute child workflows but if an error happens in one of your child workflows the execution of the parent workflows will still stop.

Depending on where your error happens you could try using the node setting option Continue On Fail. That way the node will continue with an error object that you could handle inside the workflow.

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