Split in Batches loop triggering extra executions

I have 7 items coming in, then I’m checking for the end of the split in batches with this expression in the IF statement

{{$node["Split Simple MDM Objects"].context["noItemsLeft"]}}

As you can see by the numbers on the connections, there are 7 items in the loop, 1 item on the true, and yet the execution runs node gets called twice and there are 8 items that come out of the other side

Any idea what could be happening here? This is bizarre

Hi @chrisgereina, can you share an example workflow including mock data to reproduce this? Could your “Merge Execution Runs1” node be connected to Merge nodes for example running multiple times subsequently (as described here)?

Thanks for jumping in @MutedJam -

I think that it actually might be related, zooming out a bit more on the flow the next node is a merge node

I can try making a mock, but the flow is a little complex to say the least :sweat_smile:

Another thing to note is the “Merge Execution Runs1” node is actually connected to 3 merge nodes immediately after :sweat_smile: