Split in Batches - only process the first batch and the second batch onwards goes to done

n8n self hosted version 1.0.5

i have a problem with the split in batches node and i have read the articles in the forum here and did remove the node and set it again to avoid the issue of upgrade but still same issue.

My issue is that its split and passing through the loop branch only the first batch of data and then the 2nd batch onwards gets processed directly to the done branch without splitting it and processing it through the loop branch.

in the below image you can see the numbers of data processed in each branch to understand the issue.

Yes that is expected behavior. If you want that the SplitInBatches node reads in new data, you have to reset it. That can be done via “Reset” which can be added under “Options”.

Here an example workflow which has it configured on the node “Split In Batches 1_2”:

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