Split Text Data From API response

    "data": "{\"status\":1,\"response\":{\"Model\":\"iPhone 12 Pro 128GB Pacific Blue [iPhone133] [A2341]\",\"Model Number\":\"iPhone 12 Pro (A2341)\",\"IMEI\":\"358915484787806\",\"IMEI2\":\"358915484975047\",\"Serial Number\":\"F17FL4JU0D83\",\"Carrier\":\"Unlock\",\"Country\":\"N\\/A\",\"Simlock\":\"UNLOCKED\",\"FMI\":\"OFF\",\"iCloud\":\"CLEAN\",\"Blacklist Status\":\"CLEAN\"}}"

The attached example node shows how the data comes in from an API on the http node. How can I split this response into individual key pairs, without knowing the exact number of items that will be in each string. Example: Some might contain 1 IMEI, others might contain 2. So I can’t just rely on mapping the chunk #s.

Hi @Davey,
is this the output you expect?

    "Model": "iPhone 12 Pro 128GB Pacific Blue [iPhone133] [A2341]",
    "Model Number": "iPhone 12 Pro (A2341)",
    "IMEI": "358915484787806",
    "IMEI2": "358915484975047",
    "Serial Number": "F17FL4JU0D83",
    "Carrier": "Unlock",
    "Country": "N/A",
    "Simlock": "UNLOCKED",
    "FMI": "OFF",
    "iCloud": "CLEAN",
    "Blacklist Status": "CLEAN"

Here’s a sample workflow that produces two types of output, let me know if it solves your problem:

All the best


That’s exactly what I wanted. Thank You!

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