Spotify node [PARTLY CREATED]

Hello everyone,

Does anyone got spotify node working?


Hey @James welcome to the community.

Yes, actually there is a PR adding the Spotify node.

Will let you know when is released.

Thats sounds good! any estimation when the released is?

Hard to say, what I can tell you, it’s as soon as possible. btw could you please let me know the use case you are interested in so we make sure the node has what is needed when released. Thanks.

oke i have send you a email hoping you can take a look at it.

basically what im looking for is to manage the playlist from a google sheet.

kind of this but more advanced


The Spotify node got released with [email protected]

Sadly do I think that it does not help you much as you seem to need a Spotify-Trigger node which is still missing.

that said indeed, but maybe I don’t need the triggers

can I see what kind of actions the node can do?

Yes you can find that here:

what kind of operations do I have to use if I want to add tracks from my spreadsheet (google) to my playlist and/or remove them?

im kind of stuck here with this issue

Not sure if I understand. I would say simply resource “Playlist” and the operations “Add an Item” and “Remove an Item”.

I have all my tracks (artist-songs name) in a google spreadsheet so if I add a track in a row the workflow need to add the track to the playlist.

lets now say I want to I remove a track from a spreadsheet than a other workflow delete the track.

ive i do resource; playlist and operations add a item I need to type in track id I get a issues


Exactly everything in the Spotify API requires this Track-URLs. Like here for example the API to add a track:

There seems to be this API to query tracks by name:

There are however two issues:

  1. It is not implemented yet on the n8n node
  2. As each track does normally have very many different versions it is not an exact science. To add a song you could simply always take the first found one (and then hope that is the version you want). And to remove one you would probably have to check each single one and see if it is on the playlist and remove all of them. So there it would at least make sense to write the URL back to the Google Sheet once added that you have the exact track-URL saved. Like that at least the remove would be much simpler and exact.

if I try how you describe it and by track ID ive used a expression so now in track id comes A;F (the rows of the spreadsheet)

it I get error 404 undefined when execute the node

Not sure if I understand what you mean. But if you set an expression and instead of the track-id it returns “A:F” then I would say it is the wrong expression as it points to the wrong data and you have to replace it with the correct one. So best simply delete it again and then select it again via the Expression-Editor.