Spotify Node: Possible Problem with "Get Track from Album"


Since a few weeks I have a problem with the Spotify Node. When I turn on the “Return All” button in “Get Tracks from Album”, I always get a “429 API rate limit exceeded” error.

At first I thought the obvious, that it’s a problem with the Spotify API Limit and I tried for a long time to fix it and contacted them without success.

But now I found out that it works if I set the “Return All” switch to “Off” and don’t set the limit higher than “50”.

Maybe someone else can confirm that it’s not working when the “Reurn All” switch is turned “On” like this:

If this is the case it would make sense to remove it in the Node or make sure that it has the effect like setting the limit to “50”. Even better of course to fix it, so that it’s possible to grab more than 50 tracks.

Still a small chance that it’s a problem only on my side but I anyway want to report it to be sure.

There was an issue with the pagination. I just fixed it. We will let you know when it’s released.


Fantastic! Thank You! :grinning:

Hey @ottic,

This got released with [email protected]

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