Spreadsheet node cropping text at 255 characters

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I have a PostgreSQL node running a query that extracts some very long text. The result of the query is then used in a Spreadsheet node to generate a .XLS file, however the text is cropped at 255characters. How can i solve this?

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  • n8n version: 0.231.3

Hi @kinreas :wave:

Not too sure if this will help, but can you check out this post and see if this is a solution for you?

Hello @EmeraldHerald,
That’s not the same issue that i’m facing.
My problem is that if a text is longer than 255 characters and I try to put it in a CSV file using the Spreadsheet Node, it gets cropped to 255.

Had a further look into this - Versions of Excel before 2007 were limited to 255 characters in a cell, and this was changed when the XLSX / XLSB format was released. To fix this issue, change the File Format to XLSX in the dropdown and it will work. :+1:


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