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I’m receiving a spreadsheet that I’m pulling from a Google Email. When I try to run the original xlsx file it only populates 50 of the 300+ rows in the spreadsheet as output. I can manually open the spreadsheet and make 1 change to one item in the spreadsheet and save and send from myself and it sees all rows in the spreadsheet.

Is there something I can add to make the flow read all rows of the spreadsheet without doing all of the manual side stuff? I’m unfortunately unable to share the spreadsheet as well as it contains sensitive information.

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  • n8n version: .233.1
  • Running n8n via (n8n cloud):
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Hey @Philip_Wiggins,

That is very strange I can’t think of a reason as to why changing one bit of data and sending it again would change how the node reads it. What is the format of the spreadsheet?

I currently receive it as xlsx. I know there is some commenting on columns in the spreadsheet, there may be more formatting in the spreadsheet as well. All the data is there, I can go the gmail node output and download the file and its the entire 300+ records. (Screenshot says attachment_0 my example above has attachment_7 thats just me receiving from vendor vs downloading and sending myself)

Hey @Philip_Wiggins,

Are you able to replace anything confidential in the file with mock values to create something that also fails so we can investigate furhter?

It seems like any change I make and save it just starts working right. Another thing I noticed on the spreadsheet is there are columns hidden A-C. I’m going to attempt to have our vendor send in a less formatted sheet and revisit if that doesn’t resolve.

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@Jon So I spoke to my vendor they are unable to change the format. I think they have something that automatically exports the spreadsheet. I think they are using something like Microsoft Dynamics. Is there a way in n8n to pull the spreadsheet raw that ignores hidden columns and any of the other special formatting that could possibly causing this issue?

I also found this stack overflow that details what I suspect could be causing issue with the n8n node. The export that in this persons screen shot has the same first three columns as the type of output I’m trying to work with. MS Dynamics CRM 365 - import data from Excel files - Stack Overflow

Sadly I have not actually seen a sheet so I have nothing I can use for testing to try and reproduce the issue.

If you are able to provide an example sheet I will be able to look into this in more detail.

I stumbled across the same issue, but while importing CSV file.
Running n8n version 1.8.2 in Docker.

I’m seeing the same thing. The last line is never imported.

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Hi, @Jon
Do you know if the last update of the node (feat(Spreadsheet File Node): Improve CSV parsing by netroy · Pull Request #7448 · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub) fixes this issue as well?

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@Ed_P Thanks for the tip. 1.12 did fix the issue of the last line


You’re welcome! We were working on a new n8n tutorial for CSV conversions and had to report a few bugs that were discovered during the process :slight_smile:

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