Spreadsheet sharing parameters

Hey guys,

I’m creating spreadsheet files that I’d like to share with specific persons (using email addresses) or even put the document as public.

My question is pretty simple:
How can I change those settings with n8n ?

I’ve searched the forum but didn’t see anything about this…

Hey @TheFSilver!

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Assuming that you’re talking about creating a spreadsheet using the Spreadsheet File node, you can send it as an email attachment. After you create the spreadsheet (use Write to file operation), connect it to an email node - Send Email. Gmail, Outlook.

If you want to put the document as public, you will have to host it somewhere - eg. Dropbox, and make the link publicly available.

If you’re creating a spreadsheet using the Google Sheets node, then it is currently not possible share it with others via the node. However, you can use the Google Drive node, and update the sharing permissions of the file.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

That’s exactly the information I was missing. Thanks!
Didn’t even think about a GDrive node to share a GSheets file.

Plain logic, thanks @harshil1712