SQL Server Insert Row into Table as Trigger

Trigger = Insert New Row(s) into SQL Server Table

Outcome = Send email using Mailersend Template

My understanding is that there is a method of inserting a new row into a SQL Server table on the triggering of an event, but

Is there an existing method of using the insertion of a new row in a SQL Server table as a trigger.

Hi @AJS, welcome to the community!

There is no “new row” trigger node in n8n for SQL Server I am afraid. You could, however, implement your own polling logic, for example by adding a column like “processed_by_n8n” to your table.

Then have your workflow run in regular intervals (using the Interval or Cron node) and simply fetch all rows where processed_by_n8n is null, then update these rows and set processed_by_n8n to (for example) the current timestamp so they won’t be retrieved again next time your workflow runs.

THanks Tom - will try this.

I think n8n is missing a trick by not having a trigger via MSSQL Insert into…

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Yes, I can see how such a trigger would be a very convenient thing to have. You might want to leave a vote on the respective feature request: Trigger workflow when new line added in SQL