Trigger workflow when new line added in SQL

It would help if there was a node for: trigger a workflow when a new line is added in SQL Server.

I use interval or cron triggers to check if there is a new line in sql server and then do the rest of the workflows.
I think this could reduce the use of resources on the server.

Maybe, there is another option that I don’t know yet.

Thanks for your help.

Hey @alexkava85,

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A quick thought I had on this one is can you not use CLR with a SQL Trigger to invoke a web request from SQL when a new record is added or modified in a table? It wouldn’t be an easy workaround and would require a very good understanding of SQL to get it working but I think it would provide a workaround for now.

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Hi @Jon,

Thank you for your quick reply and the workaround, I will have a look at it shortly.

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