SQLite Node & Credentials

Hi all,

I saw a MySQL node and I think a SQLite node can be useful to store data without to setup a MySQL server.

To declare Credentials, we could just locate the SQLite database file.

In this node, we could :

  • Execute an SQL query
  • Insert rows in database
  • Update rows in database

An usage example :
I would like send a discord message each time a new item in my RSS feed.
But if I don’t know who is the last sended feed, i have to send all !
If I store GUID (Hash of URL) in SQLite database, I could use SQLite node to get the sended feed

Welcome to the community @IsserTerrus!

Yes totally agree, that a node like it could be interesting for many use cases.

For your example use-case we had actually the following planned:

  1. Create some kind of abstraction layer that allows nodes to read/write data to the database (it would use an own table in the database the one the user uses already anyway, so could be Postgres, SQLite, MySQL, …)
  2. Create a node which allows to send in items, define a unique parameter (like id, date, …) and this node would then use what got created in 1, to see if that item got processed already earlier. If it did, it gets filtered out. If not, it passes through.

Btw. till that is in place you can use static-data. Here an example for actually exactly the same use-case:


Some people at Spanish community have requested the sqlite node.

Do you have any news about this thead?

Thank you!

I’m working on node SQLite as I agree to have more databases, and sqlite would be useful not having to install or configure an entire MySQL database to save some useful information.

Created a pull request for SQLite node, now it’s waiting for approval.


When will this node be added to the release?
Thanks rbarros for your work.

Hi guys, any change in add in release the sqlite node?

Hi @miguels,

It has not been reviewed yet, We have recently released the Community Node Repository feature though which will allow nodes to be created, published and installed without needing to wait for us to review the pull request.

how can this node be installed currently?

why is PR closed? when will we have sqlite on n8n?

Hey @anderson,

There is a comment on the PR that explains why it was closed. We closed a lot of new node PRs when we launched the community node feature this allows node creators to publish nodes that can be used with self hosted instances quicker.

Just because a PR is closed it doesn’t mean that we won’t reopen it again in the future if it becomes a priority either.

For anyone looking back at this, someone did make it into a community node. n8n-nodes-sqlite - npm