Ssh command not available from Execute_Command node

Hi, I’m trying to execute something like this, in a docker n8n server:

ssh [email protected]_server remote_command

to get statistics and info from remote servers and process that on a n8n workflow, but I can’t find ssh present from the n8n server’s shell (root:/bin/sh), neither dpkg or apt application to install ubuntu’s openssh package.

Is there a better alternative to remote command execution, or a way to install openssh utilities?

Hello @ejcb welcome to the community!

Yes, it is definitely possible to install SSH. You just have to be aware that the default image uses Alpine-Linux so installing packages works differently than in Ubuntu.You can find here how it can be done:

As an alternative, you could also use the n8n-ubuntu image. That gets also build by default and simply has “-ubuntu” attached. Like for example, the current version would be:n8nio/n8n:0.51.0-ubuntu

Excelent, this command just did the magic on Alpine-Linux:

apk add openssh

Thank you, @jan!