SSH Node ERROR: All configured authentication methods failed

I’m using the right private key, Still getting this error. What could be the issue?

Version: 0.144.0

Hey @mcnaveen,

Normally I would say the key could be wrong (maybe wrong format) or the server is not configured for key based authentication.

What I would do depending on the SSH server is enable debug logging on the server side and see what that shows and maybe see if password auth works.

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This is really strange. I’m trying to access the same host machine where n8n is running on docker.

This is what I’m getting on ssh auth log. is n8n docker ip

Oct 28 07:50:30 sitorg-falkenstein sshd[1847359]: Received disconnect from port 60158:11:  [preauth]
Oct 28 07:50:30 sitorg-falkenstein sshd[1847359]: Disconnected from authenticating user root port 60158 [preauth]

Edit: I tried a different user too. Instead of root still the same issue.

Is that with debug enabled in the sshd_config?

Yes bro. I have enabled the debug too.

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In that case I will be home in about 30 minutes and I will give it a test :slightly_smiling_face:

Alright @mcnaveen

Given it a test on 144 with a private key and it is working as expected.

I suspect this could be something with the settings of your SSH server, Have you tried connecting to a different SSH server to see if that works just to narrow down the issue?