SSL (60) error

Hello everyone,
I am currently testing n8n. I have hosted n8n myself on an Ubuntu 22.04 server. I had to remove Apache2 with purge because there was an 80 / 443 error. But this is not a problem as n8n runs alone on the server.
Now I wanted to retrieve the data from a Mautic form. n8n is connected to Mautic via OAuth 2. That works. But when I activate the node, nothing happens. In Mautic I have seen under webhooks that there is a ssl (60) error. When I access my n8n via the terminal with curl, I get the following error: curl: (60) SSL: no alternative certificate subject name matches target host name ‘’.
When I access my n8n with curl -k, I do not get an error message. So there does seem to be a problem with the SSL certificate.
I can access my n8n normally in the browser and the certificate is displayed without any errors or warnings.
How can I resolve this error?
Best regards

Hey @Remo,

Welcome to the community :tada:

I have just taken a look and it looks to be ok for me, I am able to use curl without ignoring ssl issues and all is good.

Did you work out the issue after posting the question?

Hello Jon,
thank you very much for your feedback!
Yes, the problem has indeed been solved. I simply ran the installation on an empty server again and it worked.
I think I forgot to install Caddy in the first attempt. But I can no longer reproduce it.
Best regards