SSL N8N under Nginx Proxy Manager

I’ve a portainer managing my containers.

Nginx Proxy Manager as proxy reverse with volumes /mnt/containers/npm/letsencrypt point to /etc/letsencrypt.

Is there a way to use the SSL generated by NPM in N8N to secure connection? How can I use this two tools? Or should I use traefik?

Why not just terminate TLS at the proxy?

I’ve tried but my infra is CLOUDFLARE > NGINX-PROXY-MANAGER > N8N.

When I access I get error 502.

Hey @Antonelli_Santos,

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I have looked at this a few times now and I can’t actually work out what the issue is, So you could if you wanted to set up a certificate and configure n8n to use it but you have Nginx Proxy Manager which can already do it.

At the moment on my home setup I am using Cloudflare for DNS and I have that going to nginx proxy manager and I use Lets Encrypt in Proxy Manager and it is working great. Is there something specific stopping you from taking this approach? It just seems like an overly complicated setup to do.

The 502 error is probably down to a configuration issue and could be that you need to change something in nginx proxy manager or you have an environment option set that is doing something odd.