SSL on different port

Hi, I want to know if it is possible to run a docker container of n8n with SSL on some different port than 443?

Actually my servers port 443, 80 are in use. So wanted to check if it is possible to get let’s encrypt running on some different port.


Hey @Asit_Joshi,

How do you have n8n set up? Most people would have a reverse proxy in front of n8n like nginx or traefik and you would change the port there.

The reason I use nginx is because I have other web services running on 443 so by putting nginx in front of everything I just change the backend ports and my users can just visit the url without needing to remember a bunch of different ports.

Thanks a lot @Jon could you share a sample configuration file for your nginx setup with SSL.

Hey @Asit_Joshi,

My setup is not that much different from this one.

But I would say it depends on what you are already doing, if you already have nginx in use for your current service on 443/80 then you don’t need a lot of changes but if you are going to install nginx just for n8n or to put in front of your current service it is a more involved.

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Thanks @jon

Will check it out.