Standard n8n Install w/ Traefik /Let's Encrypt - SSL Cert Auto Renew?

I performed a standard install of n8n on Digital Ocean / Umbuntu 20.04. By standard I mean that I used the docker-compose.yaml and .env file exactly as provided in the setup documentation. The install went fine and n8n is up and running using HTTPS.

However, I can’t seem to determine if a solution to auto-renew the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate was included or not. I have setup Budibase w/ a reverse proxy using Nginx and I installed Certbot which set up a timer to check and renew certificates which will expire in less than 30 days. Was a comparable solution installed along with Traefik to check for certificate expiration or no?

If not, does anyone have experience within installing Certbot to check SSL certificates that were created as part of the standard n8n install?

Hey @chadgriff,

Traefik handles the renewal (Let's Encrypt - Traefik) so you shouldn’t need to do anything.


Thanks @Jon! I appreciate the response and knowing I shouldn’t be surprised in 90 days!