Start workflow on phone

Hello, I have a question. Is it possible to start a workflow on your phone or an other device?

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Hi @StopmotionSimonYT

Yes, the n8n Workflow editor is responsive enough in the Mobile Browser. So you can start a workflow.

Also, You can use Telegram or Similar Node as a Trigger to start the Workflow.


@mcnaveen Thank you for the answer!

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If you’re an iOS user you can also use Apple’s “Shortcuts” app to trigger an n8n flow. Shortcuts app can consume a generic endpoint (i.e. n8n’s Webhook trigger node) and pass along data, so really sky is the limit.
It’s also possible to trigger an Apple Shortcuts flow with Siri or NFC; so really opens up possibilities.

I’m not an Android user, but would assume you can do all that on Android (and probably more) but might need to use some 3rd party apps on the mobile device.

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