Stopping cron job after executing a true statement from a IF node

Hi, I made a workflow that sends out email when the date now from the date I got from the google sheets is 7 days or lesser (it is a date for an event in the future). So when the days left to the event hits 7 days, the email will be sent to a group of people from the list in gsheets.

I start the workflow with a cron node where it will execute everyday at 8am to check if the days left is 7 days or lesser, if yes it will execute the IF node true branch and if no it will do nothing since there is nothing in the false branch. My problem now is once the true branch is executed once already, I don’t want it to run the second time by tomorrow as the email I’m sending out is a RSVP email which only needs to be sent once. How can I achieve this?

Hey @Donkodile,

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I guess one thing you could try is adding a field to your Google Sheet for “Email Sent” and also check the value for that then at the end of the workflow update the field.

I have tried appending the status from mailjet to A column in gsheets, but I cant append it to the column i want (column “I”) using either append or update. Am I doing something wrong here with the set node?