Store values between Executions


My question is simple, how I can store state / values between Executions in easy way ?

Currently Im using redis to store values between Executions, but I have to host it.

I want to create simple job to let me know if something is changed, but not inform me more than once

Best regards

Hey @P_S,

Have you you looked into Static Data? That allows you to store some data from a code node and use it in the workflow and following workflows, We have a couple of workflow templates that use it for things like only posting new tweets to RocketChat which could be a good example for you.

will try, but I did expect some node that can easily keep state between executions, but if not exist :slight_smile:

Hey @P_S,

There is no node specifically for that yet, The Redis approach you have is fairly common or using other things like Google Sheets, Baserow, NocoDB.