Strange problem with workflow

version 1.9.3 (linux)

i had a working workflow (tested 100 times) and this morning i have this issue.
so i cannot evaluate expression , but node invoice_new has only one output so there should be no
ambiguity. and it was working just fine.

Hi @Edmunds_Priede, the expression {{ $('invoice_new').item.json.body["id"] }} from your screenshot relies on a concept called item linking (formerly called “paired items”). Such expressions will only work if n8n is able to determine exactly which item on your invoice_new node have resulted in the item currently being processed.

Seeing you are only returning a single item on your invoice_new node, perhaps you want to use an expression of {{ $('invoice_new').first.json.body["id"] }} instead? This expression should always return first item from your invoice_new node, regardless of whether item linking is possible or not.

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  1. there is only one output (but to 2 nodes)
  2. it was working just fine .

anyways i redesigned without merge and it works now


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