Strapi Get All

strapi get - work fine
strapi get all (2 position) - retorn 0
strapi get all - loading… not working

Hi @RomanRRR, unfortunately I could not reproduce this behavior, but @Jon suggested you have already talked about this in private and the reason here might be that our node wasn’t built with Strapi v4 in mind.

I’ll make a note to myself to give this a closer look over the next days (so far I haven’t really used Strapi) and add it to our internal bug tracker if I can confirm the behaviour with a newer Strapi instance.

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n8n not work with strapi 4 (get all function)

Can you please show method in n8n to use http request to my strapi 4 , need get all function alternative. also need method get data from components in strapi 4

Hey @RomanRRR, just a quick update on this, I am having a hard time with Strapi altogether. I can’t even authenticate using either version 3 nor 4 using the existing node.

I’ll be taking a closer look next and will report back :see_no_evil:

Hi @RomanRRR, I now managed to set up Strapi, authenticate and create a few entries.

However, I didn’t run into any trouble using Get All + Return All:

Can you confirm which exact versions of n8n and Strapi exactly you are currently using (and if you might have set the N8N_USE_DEPRECATED_REQUEST_LIB=true environment variable in n8n)? Lastly, how many entries of your content type “prices” do you have? Many thanks!

Hi @RomanRRR.

In addition to my initial tries with Strapi v3 from my previous response, it seems there were significant changes between v3 and v4 which are beyond what could be fixed easily in the scope of a forum conversation I am afraid.

This is because both versions use very different payloads for each request. For example, I tried generating the sample data from my above screenshot using Strapi v4 which failed. From looking at Strapi’s documentation they have changed the payload quite a bit (v3 request vs v4 request).

So any change I might implement to fix the node for your specific use case could easily break n8n instances connected to Strapi v3. So we’d need to wait until proper engineering resources are available here to fully prepare the Strapi node for Strapi version 4.

I shall also add a note to our documentation to make it clear the node is not currently built to work with Strapi version 4.

Regardless of the above, you should still be able to use the HTTP Request node to make a request like this one to get your entries:

Maybe you can elaborate which problems you are facing here?

ok. may be just create new activiy : strapi 4 ??

I use http request

How can I transform data to table (settings n8n) with columns and raws

Transforming the results inside the data fields into their own n8n items could be done using the Item Lists node:

You might want to follow up with a Set node as well to format the data in a more readable way if needed.

Yes, this could be a possible (even likely) option. Though ultimately this will be decided by @sirdavidoff and might take a while.

However, until then you should be able to get the job done with the HTTP Request node just fine using Strapi v4, for example using a workflow like this (adjusting URLs and credentials, of course):

Example Workflow

So I am wondering if you ran into any particular problems when trying to use the HTTP Request node?

Heyo from Strapi o/

Indeed both the POST request body and the response body are quite different between v3 and v4.

I’m happy to help explain anything that might be causing confusion. In a TLDR for post requests, your keys need to be wrapped in a data object with the exception of the authentication (it’s classified as a bug for now).

The response payload is similar and we no longer populate any relations by default but allow for population at request time.

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Please give detailed instructions for low optimistic users

hey @RomanRRR,

Did you take a look at the example @MutedJam provided a couple of weeks ago?

Good afternoon. In that process, there is only an example of how to get all the records.

It’s good. Works. However , I removed the cycle .

This issue has been resolved.

Now I could not configure how to create or update a record - and for this I created another discussion.

Hey @RomanRRR,

That makes sense now, You posted the same message on 2 different threads which caught me out a bit. I will reply on that one instead of here.