Sub Workflows and Code Nodes May Change Output of Prior Nodes


Is it supposed to be possible for a sub flow to change data in prior nodes? I’m seeing strange behavior in a simple linear flow where the first several nodes all execute, and then a longer-running sub flow executes at the end.

While the long-running sub flow at the end is running, I can inspect the input and output of all the earlier nodes and it’s all as expected.

However once the long-running last node completes, several of the earlier nodes output has changed to contain data from an intermediate step in the sub flow. I don’t see any way that data should be leaving the sub flow, and don’t think it should change the output of earlier nodes.

Has anyone seen this kind of behavior or have any ideas how to troubleshoot it? Or if any clarification / screen recording would be helpful to understand better what I’m seeing.


(Specifically while the flow is executing and waiting for “DEV Decom Server Evaluate All” to complete, I inspect “Verify Authorized Sender”. As expected, it contains the data from “Get New Messages”. Then I wait for “DEV Decom Server Evaluate All” to complete and inspect the other nodes again. All nodes downstream of “Get New Messages” have had their input and output replaced with data from a node in the middle of the sub flow “DEV Decom Server Evaluate All”.)

I found the cause- a code node was accessing the input items as “const” rather than a copy. So changes from the code node looked like they backpropagated to earlier nodes. Problem solved.


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