Supebase returns less items

  1. I have 3 ids.
  2. I am search in supabase for the rows
  3. if the row exist I take some aditional data and add it to google sheet
  4. if the rows does not exist I need to create it

I know I could use split in items, but it seems weird I cannot do it without. Am I missing something?

For some reason supabase only return an item if the row exists. I would expect it would return the same number of items as the input. I tried activating always output data, but it returns just 1 item and only if none of the rows are available.

Information on your n8n setup

n8n cloud 1.4.1

Hi @Tbiyss :wave:

While I can understand your expectation here, enabling Always Output Data will cause n8n to return a single empty item if otherwise no item is returned, but it won’t respect the number of incoming items. That split items workaround you mentioned would be a workaround that helps with all nodes in n8n in these cases, not just Supabase :sweat_smile:

You could try this SQL query to do what you’re looking for, though:

You would unfortunately still need an extra node, as the Supabase node itself doesn’t have the option to run custom SQL queries.

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Thanks for your answer! this is not just a supabase issue, from my perspective is a "concept issue. Some module would return an empty response for every item, some other modules won’t.

This tottaly breaks the expectations on processing items, and you end up loosing data in the process.

If I compare to, this would never happen. It will always execute all modules for all bundles of data.

Hi @Tbiyss - That feedback is perfect for @sirdavidoff to see :bowing_man:

Thanks for the heads up, @EmeraldHerald. Yes, we definitely need to standardise this.

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