Support for Airtable fields ID in API response

It would help if there was a node for:

In the Airtable node, Read and List API calls could be able to return field IDs. It would make the automation more durable, e.g., if someone renames a column. The field ID is not changing.

My use case:

I am building a prototype of a robust app in Airtable, and n8n does all the process automation. As we’re iterating, quite a lot of things are changing, leading to the need to rename fields in Airtable. We then need to update all the workflows in n8n. This would also be helpful in other projects similar to my current one.

Any resources to support this?

The Airtable docs show a way to do this: The returnfieldsbyfieldid option returns field IDs as a key.

I can use a custom API request in the Airtable node, but that would greatly slow us down.

Are you willing to work on this?

I am happy to help, but I cannot implement this (not a programmer).