Switch node execution flow

I am confused regarding the switch node execution flow. In the image given below, Webhook Bulk node returns 4 items. For each of these items, there is a switch node and individual use cases get triggered based on one attribute in the list of items. Even if the HTTP Request 2 node has returned an error, Code3 and Code7 have executed. It seems the items are not getting executed sequentially.

Anyone who can help in answering this question? I want to execute each switch node sequentially but from the above screenshot, it is not happening as expected.

Hey @Bikash_Gupta,

Can you complete the template we provide and share the actual workflow and data being sent so we can test the flow and see what is missing.

From a screenshot on its own it is hard to say what is happening so we need more information to work it out.

Please find the workflow below -

Anyone who can help me in this?

Would help to know what the problem is?
Nodes are executed one by one, but will not do one path completely before starting the next path. If that is what you are asking. It is basically how it works in n8n at the moment. Should not be any issue though, if you need a specific order a redesign of the flow is needed.

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