Switching from Rundeck to n8n for Job Scheduling in Production Environments

Hello everyone,

I’ve been a long-time user of Rundeck for job scheduling, and I’ve found it to be quite robust for running scripts and various tasks over the past 14 years. However, I’ve recently started to explore n8n more extensively, mainly due to its incredibly versatile and powerful workflow engine.
I’m considering switching from Rundeck to n8n as my primary job-scheduler in production environments. Before taking the plunge, I’d like to hear from anyone who has already made this transition or is currently using n8n for job scheduling.

  1. How reliable have you found n8n to be for scheduling tasks?
  2. How does n8n’s performance compare to Rundeck for larger workflows?
  3. Are there any significant challenges or drawbacks that I should be aware of before making the switch?
  4. How well does n8n integrate with other systems, especially given that Rundeck offers a lot of plug-and-play features?
  5. Are there any specific features in n8n that you find particularly useful for job scheduling that aren’t available in Rundeck?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Your experiences could help inform my decision to switch or stick with Rundeck.
Thank you in advance for your contributions.
++, fax

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