Syncing Google Contacts with Notion database

I’d like to keep Google Contacts in sync with a Notion database. Apparently though I’m hitting some Notion rate limits, so only a small subset of the records is appended. I tried splitting in batches, but that will only process the first chunk based on the preset batch size. Using a wait node in between doesn’t seem to make a difference either.

Additionally, I couldn’t find a way to properly create a record if one with the same properties doesn’t exist already in the Notion database, otherwise update only the properties that do not match. I thought I could use a merge node with a keep key matches strategy, but that didn’t work either.

@drunk.knuth welcome to the community

Quite weird. Assuming that the issue is the rate limit, the wait node should solve that. To be honest I do not think the rate limit is the issue. Can you share your workflow? To do so, select all nodes, copy them and then paste them here.

Assuming that your primary key is the email. You can search first, to see if there is a record with that email. If one exists, then update, else create a new record.