Tag someone while using Slack Node


How can I tag someone in the channel while using Slack Node. I used the link names option but it is not working.

Hey @Mustafa_Ali,

I will need to take a look at this and come back to you. Can you share your existing node? It will help me better understand your approach :slightly_smiling_face:

Below I have attached screenshot of Slack node. I want to tag myself every time workflow sends a message on channel.

Hey @Mustafa_Ali,

You will have to use the name that you’ve used to register with Slack. If you try using the Display name it will not tag you.

To get the correct name, you can use the Member operation of the Channel resource. In the Channel field, you may have to pass the channel ID. Don’t forget to set the Resolve Data parameter to true. On successful execution, the node will return the information you need.

As shown in the screenshot below, use name instead of real_name in your message body.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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