Take a picture from unsplash category by keyword

How to take an random image from unsplash by finding the keyword in the url?

Hi community,

when i take an image from unsplash, it usually has the keyword in the url. Is it possible to create a workflow, that takes a random picture from unsplash, that has the keyword inside the url?

See exmaples:

Hi @ManyQuestions, I don’t think you can necessarily search specific image URLs (afaik there is no officially supported way to search through their image URLs). But you can certainly connect to the Unsplash API using n8n and then use their supported search operation.

Assuming you want to search for photos of the sun, the below workflow would do the job:

The header authentication would have to be set up like so:

You’d get the image URLs from Unsplash in the response like so:

For a random order of the results in n8n you can simply attach another Item Lists node and use the Sort → Random operation.

Check out the Unsplash developer portal for more information on their API:

Hope this helps!

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