Telecom services as integration

Good morning,

My name is Michael, I’m new to n8n, was searching for possible integrations with telecom services. Use-case could be described as following. There is a certain event which triggers an api request which sends an enqiery to a telecom services and a phone call is performed.

But I couldn’t find any telecom platforms as integration. Are those integrations being applied only as custom ones? Is it possible to add any telecom integration, for example the one I’m using now or any other one?

Hey @m1kle,

What one are you using now and do you know if they have an api at all?

MCN. I’m sure they have API. I’ve used their products through custom methods. But I can’t figure out why aren’t there any telecom APIs avaliable for integration with already arranged settings.

I suspect it is just a case of no one asking or it hasn’t been thought about. I know I only tend to use and update / create the nodes I need for various things.

The good news is though if you are after it chances are other people will be as well.

I found on that there is an api but I can’t see any actual documentation, do you happen to have a link?

Well, it’s in russian unfortunately, if you create an account through Google for example in the API section there is an open documentation describing all the methods, there’s also OpenAPI (OAS 3) in the “Integration” section.

That will do, it will be a handy note. It might be worth opening a feature request specifically for MCN and provide a couple of examples of what you would like to do.


There is a Voice Robot. You can add contacts for that robot to call those people using a given scenario. It is used in many different cases, ours is one of them. Where could I submit this feature request for it to be considered for developement?

Just make a new thread here and put it in the feature request category