Telegram bot n8n

hello everyone, please help, set up telegram bot via botfather . Everything worked with n8n. BUT……Then I created a bot in JS, started the bot with npm start, and n8n stopped accepting data from the bot, as soon as I turn off the bot, everything works again. They seem to be in conflict.


So are you trying to run 2 bots one with n8n and one outside of n8n? If that is the case it sounds like it a more of a Telegram thing than an n8n one.

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Through N8N, I write to notion via telegram, and when I start another bot with the same token via npm start , the telegram node does not receive any data as soon as I turn off my bot (i.e. the bot works, but through basic commands BotFather), then n8n does everything again and the data comes and is written to notion

As if they have a conflict because of one token …

Maybe that is the case, What happens if you start npm bot first then n8n do you have the same issue but it goes the other way and only the n8n trigger works?

I won’t be able to raise the webhook, there is a bot running on npm, but when I run it, n8n telegram triger does not respond, I admit that it’s a webhook, but I don’t understand how to be

So it looks like one bot can only have one webhook at a time, It has taken a bit of digging but looking ath the Telegram Bot API project on Github it mentions…

If the bot is logged in on more than one server simultaneously, there is no guarantee that it will receive all updates.

It looks like this will be a bit of an odd issue with Telegram and the only solution would be to use 2 bots one to monitor and one for the interactive side of things unless you can work out the interactions within n8n which I think I spotted another thread about.

All I need, as I already wrote, is 1) the user writes a message 2) he receives either an inline keyboard or just a keyboard 3) he chooses what he needs 4) the bot sends a message with the text of the selected button 5) success