Telegram cannot handle multiple triggers in the same workflow

Hi, I’m trying to build a Telegram bot that does these actions:

  1. it should wait for a post in a channel
  2. it should modify the post and add a “Delete” button to the post
  3. it should delete the message when the Delete button is pressed

I can make the single actions but when I try to put the workflow together, I get an error. Basically it seems that it’s not possible to have 2 triggers (channel_post and callback_query) active at the same time, even if they listen different things. I tried also to have 2 different workflow but doesn’t work either…

What am I doing wrong?

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Did you create the node fresh, or copy it from the other trigger? If you copied it, it will have the same webhook endpoint (UUID), so they’ll both try to register the same URL. You can check by expanding the Webhook URLs

To avoid this you can create a new trigger instead of copying the existing node, this will generate you a new unique URL that won’t clash.

If you’re so inclined you can also change one of the existing triggers by copying the node into a text editor, and changing the webhook ID, in this case I’ve changed webhookId from the generated 2cf3b520-e9a1-4c69-98b8-84752a519a12 to telegram_channel_post:

I started with a fresh workflow and created two new triggers, I checked and the webhooks are different, but nothing changes! :sob:

When I try to activate the workflow, it gets crazy and throws different errors:

After refreshing the page:

N8N version: 0.203.1 (latest available on YunoHost)

Hey @rebelcode,

I would start by asking Yunohost to update the version of n8n they are using :slight_smile:, But another thing worth noting is from what I can remember Telegram only allows 1 webhook per bot account.

I’m not sure if the YunoHost team directly maintains the package, sadly it’s not updated very often… :cry:

Maybe someone from the n8n team/community could take care of it?

So if the webhook is only one, there’s no way that two triggers could be used at the same time…this is very weird IMO. How am I supposed to use those triggers?

Hey @rebelcode,

I can’t find the information in the Telegram docs but I was sure it was an odd Telegram limitation for a while it could be that this has changed now though.

With the YunoHost side of things they maintain that themselves and it has nothing to do with us, We of course have our own install guides and recommendations but with the error you have I would start with an update which of course I am aware is not going to be easy.

I will set aside some time to take a proper look at Yunohost and see what needs to be done to bring it up to date.

Hey @rebelcode,

It was bugging me so I put in a PR for the ynh_n8n package to update it to 0.218.0 and to remove basic auth support in favour of User Management. This probably won’t help you now but hopefully if they accept it you will be able to upgrade.

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Awesome :star_struck: thank you! :piñata:

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