Telegram triger not executed

Hello everyone, using docker, I launched n8n according to the instructions, everything opened (https), but telegram triggers do not respond to sending messages, that is, it just hangs in a waiting state, and the trigger shows that it picked up the token correctly and connected. What should I do?


Are you using the test webhook (pressing execute now)? I have done a quick test this morning on a test bot I have and it appears to be working. Are you sure the request is being sent and routed correctly?

the problem is that no matter how I try when entering my subdomain, the domain takes me to the settings page of my router, only when my OpenVPN is turned on does it let me into n8n, but triger telegram does not work as I wrote above


That sounds like the problem is going to be with the port forwarding. You would need to tell the router that it needs to direct the direct the traffic for that port to the n8n instance.

This is normally where a reverse proxy can be handy as you can point everything to that one thing and that can direct to other services based on the host being used.

after hours of torment, I found out that absolutely everything works when I turn on my configured OpenVPN, but stops working (open my host with n8n) when I turn it off, is it possible that the matter is in the OpenVPN certificate?

It could be, if you are just hitting your routers page without though it would point towards a routing issue.