Telegram trigger node don't updating production url after executing workflow

Hi :eyes:
As mentioned before, I started active use of telegram trigger node.
Now have one issue.
To test some cases and look for input data, I using “Execute workflow” with Telegram trigger. In this mode, N8N publishing webhook with test URL. It’s working. But after workflow manually started and finished it’s work, production URL don’t updating on telegram API: {"ok":true,"result":{"url":"","has_custom_certificate":false,"pending_update_count":1,"allowed_updates":["message"]}}

Sorry to hear that @N8N_userN :frowning:

I haven’t used the Telegram Trigger myself yet, but will give this a go as soon as I can (unless someone beats me to it, that is). Just out of curiosity, does the webhook for the Telegram Trigger update when you manually disable and enable your workflow?

Yes, when re-enabling workflow or restarting instace webhook is updating.
Couple month ago this issue is not appearing. Maybe in new updates something broken?

Quite possible, but from taking a first look into n8n/packages/nodes-base/nodes/Telegram at master · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub I can’t spot any change that would explain the changed behaviour.