Telegram Trigger on my own account (Not a Bot)

I Wand to Trigger, if on my own Telegram account some one Text me.

If its possible, a selectet chat!

Because i just startet with n8n, im helpless
in the moment just the trigger is important

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Welcome to the community @JayCayHD

Not sure if I fully understand. Not an expert in Telegram, but I think all the events in the trigger have to be related to a bot. Would you please elaborate a bit more?

Any idea if this is possible @Miquel_Colomer

Hi @JayCayHD,

I have checked it and as @RicardoE105 has commented, you can only listen for new messages on channels or groups where a bot is added, only using n8n directly.

To recover all received messages on Telegram, probably you can try to create a macro on your mobile with Macrodroid or Automate that reacts when a new message is received.

Those kind of apps usually expose your private messages so you must be careful about them.

Hope this helps.

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