Telepilot: Telegram Userbot Node (tdlib/td, mtproto-based)

For those of you who are interested in Telegram Userbots:
We have published new 0.3.0 version of Telepilot - n8n node for creating workflows with Telegram in Userbot mode, based on tdlib/td: @telepilotco/n8n-nodes-telepilot - npm
Telepilot node includes precompiled binaries for multiple architectures/libc environments that handle low-level protocol. Source codes of all components and building toolchain is available in our github organization: TelePilot · GitHub

New 0.3.0 package delivers improved Telegram login process, that can be performed using ChatTrigger node, used in AI workflows.
Here is how you can set it up: How to Login using Phone Number and Authentication Code
Previously, only QR-Code login was supported which was often buggy and error-prone.
Looking forward to hear your feedback or answer your questions!


Hello @fuzhangjiang8 ,

This could happen if you are running n8n in custom/old/new docker image. tdlib that is used in the node was build for specific glibc.
Could you please share following details to help me understand the issue?

  • Which n8n-nodes-telepilot version is installed?
  • How are you running n8n (docker or npm/npx run in linux)?
  • If docker, which docker image are you using?
  • if you are building docker image by yourself, please share Dockerfile or at least share your base image and packages that you are installing with apt/yum/apk
  • if you are running in linux without docker, please share your distro and version

Looking forward to your reply!