Template "Merge data for multiple executions" is outdated


I am sorry if I don’t post this message in the good category.

I want to notify that’s the template Merge data for multiple executions is outdated.

This template is built with the old “Fonction” node.
Is it possible to update it with the Code node ?

Thank you,

Hey @JulienDelRio,

In theory that template should still work but there is a version of it that uses the Code node here: Merge multiple runs into one | n8n workflow template

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Thak you. I didn’t notice this one.

Can you add a link to the new one in the old ?

Hey @JulienDelRio,

The workflow templates are submitted by a mix of community members and us, I have made a note to have a chat internally about what we want to do in these cases.


Short tip : find a way to determine you are on the last run.
If not, you will have as many arrays as you have runs…

For my workflow, it’s to navigate between pages in an paged API. I have the count of entries. I test the array length, if It’s not the count of entries, I return nothing.


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