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I need to get data from a column in Google Sheets and aggregate them.

How can I do this?

Example: I have data between B2 to B10. I want to take this data and aggregate it, separating it with a comma.

The part of doing the reading in Google Sheets I know how to do. I can’t concatenate them.

Welcome to the community @rafaelrocha!

You can do that with the Item Lists Node.

Lets assume the data you want to concatinate is in the property “Name” then the settings would be:

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Thank you very much. I ended up doing it with Java Script, but I’ll test it with the module. Another question is, how can I use replace to make some adjustments to the Name field’s Value? Following your example.

Hi @rafaelrocha, you could use a Set node before the Item Lists node to replace the values in a given field. Like so:

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that was it!! Thanks. :slight_smile:

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