Text alignment on edit image node

Hi folks!

I was wondering, is there a way to align text to the right (or middle) with the adding text functionality of the edit image node?

Currently it is only left aligned. Thanks!

Hey there,
I am sorry to say but that is not possible at the moment. You can change the position X and Y where you want your text to appear and set a max line length but you cannot right align it.


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I changed your post from question to feature request. Make sure to upvote it yourself.

thanks marcus :slight_smile:

I’ll upvote this too. As a workaround, is there any way to calculate the width of the rendered text so we can do the math ourselves?

After spending an entire afternoon racking my brain with Promises within the code node block, I decided to delve deeper into the N8N core and ended up creating a custom node based on the official Edit Image node. Here’s the link for anyone interested, it addresses the text centering issue.


Welcome to the community @depaula!

Really cool! Def. something we should consider adding to the core node!