Text Emphasis

Hello friends. Yesterday I launched the first iteration of my e-commerce with n8n integration. I’m running a webhook who triggers an automation depending on the product name, etc. One of the paths sends an email to our shipping company using Gmail API. Everything works fine, but I just noticed the emphasis of the text didn’t show well on the email.

The address the client provided was “Ossó de Sió” but in the mail was sent like this “Ossó de Si&oacute”. Any ideas for solving this?

Thank you!

Do you send HTML or Plaintext mails?

I have Plaintext. Should I change it to HTML?

You could at least try since the &oacute is a HTML representation of ò.


Interestingly the ó is reconned correctly.

Some additional informations:

There are libraries for this problem:

I can add it to add TextManipulation node by lublak · Pull Request #1426 · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub for encode and decode
I don’t know if it comes to n8n, because its a very complex and big node.
But if not i provide this node as a custom node on github.

I solved this! Thank you sou much for your time :smile: