Thanks to n8n team

I’d like to thank all of great developers and community members for such a great thing you’ve created!

I’m lazy engineer and that’s why I’m both able to code stuff and I really hate to do so. Most of simple yet useful things require more “service” job than “productive” one. You know, we need to properly pack scripts, distribute artifacts like docker images or archive for lambda functions, care about secrets and so on. That’s really boring when you are dealing with script which consists of 42 lines of code.

Being engineer, I also like to understand and control things, that’s why I mostly evade “as a service” solutions. You know, there’s always bunch of kids trying to hack popular platforms and obtain our credit cards data. %)

n8n is self-hosted. I’m confident about access to my personal data. Nobody even knows n8n is there for me, doing it’s job. It makes my inner paranoid feel so well.)

And, most important, n8n really opened a new divine NoCode world for me. It lets me focus on doing productive part of the job and removes all the headache. That’s awesome.

You guys has inspired me so much.


Thank you very much @agrrh for your kind words! Really amazing to hear something like that!

Great when n8n is helpful for people and makes them more productive. That means we are doing our job right as that is exactly what we want to do for people.

I wish you a lot of fun with n8n and we are happy that you are part of the community! If you run into any problems or have questions we are always happy to help.

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Hey folks!

I also would like to show my appreciation to the n8n team here!

I got a lot of helpful advice here in the forum and on github and we are now having scratched the surface of what n8n can do. To try and give back something I also created this Pull Request (Add replyTo feature to Microsoft Teams by vuchl · Pull Request #1451 · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub).

I a few days I managed to get one of our self coded APIs removed and this unit of a workflow got created:

We were able to get rid of

  • object conversion by utilizing XSLT transformation via xslt-processor (build a custom Dockerfile that npm i -g xslt-processor and puts it the whitelist)
  • look ups in the database via Microsoft SQL nodes
  • directy interfering with the API of our ERP instead of using a C# SDK
  • and much more

Huge thanks to everone involved in n8n and providing helpful advice

Regards Sebastian