The best way to deal with dynamic schema

I’m working on a Webflow API node, and currently I’m not sure what’s the best way to deal with dynamic schema for inserting data as a CMS item. I know that dynamic properties are not available, so I’m thinking on how to implement that using JSON field in the best possible way.
Is there any way to dynamically change default value, so that it’s possible to generate JSON skeleton without values? Or does it have to be written manually by the user of the node? Also, in either case, should key be the slug/ID of a field, or a display name?

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Before you invest any more time in the node. Did you see that @RicardoE105 opened a PR a few hours ago?

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Oh, no, I didn’t. I started working on it a few days ago, because I noticed that there’s only Webflow trigger node and no node for consuming Webflow API. I think this PR implements everything that I planned to do.

Well, in this case I’ll wait until it’s merged, and I might contribute other parts of the API that weren’t yet implemented :smiley:

Ah sorry to hear! It is always best to:

  1. open a PR as early as possible in “wip”
  2. comment here in the forum on the topicc

Then we and other people are aware of it and we can hopefully avoid something like that in the future.

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