The cron node is not working as intended

I want my workflows to execute every 3 mins and the number of workflows is high.
When i set the cron node to every 3 mins it runs for a little while and then stops executing itself i was on an older version of n8n i dont quite remember the version and have just recently updated.
Please help.

earlier i used this node

the cron I’m using is this

  • n8n version: 0.193.5

Hi @harshvardhan_garude,

Welcome to the community :tada:

When it stops running are you seeing any error messages in the logs or in the execution interface?

No it just stops executing

Hey @harshvardhan_garude,

Bit of a silly question but how do you know it has stopped executing? I take it there is no output from the workflow?

Do you have execution logging enabled for your workflow to see if that is showing anything and have you enabled the debug logging environment variable?

When it does stop does the “active” toggle change or show a red icon?