The formula in Airtable filters only the first value out of several

I am having a problem. I want to use Airtable formula to select the values coming from parsing xlsx document to update the rows in the table based on the match.
But the formula in Airtable only selects the first value from the array.
AND({Amount} = {{ $json["Debit Amount"] }}, {P.O. #} = {{ $json["Customer Reference No"].slice(3, 6) }} )

It can’t select more than one value.
I tried an alternative way to pack the Airtable response into a set node and compare it with the output from the spreadsheet read node. It turns out the same thing. Only the first node is outputted in true
I’m asking for help from the community. Maybe there are some workarounds to solve this problem.

I tried simplifying the formula, but the result is the same.
{Amount} = {{ $json["Debit Amount"] }}

I need a method of mass selection of records by conditions. Input can be 10 or 100 records from xlsx file and you need to match them in Airtable and select the matching ones.

I think you have to add the Split in Batches node after you read the Excel file.

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Thank you. Everything works.

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